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YOU name it and Rhys probably plays it.


With a repertoire of

500 songs, Rhys Warner

can play almost any request.

The New Zealand singer is

performing at various Gold

Coast venues.


Accompanying himself

on guitar, Rhys plays everything

from an 1890s classic

like “The Dessert Song” to

Dire Straits “Walk of Life”.


In New Zealand he won

the instrumental section at the country awards at Gore

and Christchurch, including

a Golden Guitar award

at Gore, N.Z.

Rhys has performed at:

  1. Jupiter's Casino. (Gold Coast)

  2. Twin Towns Club.

  3. TV. Chanel 9 Brisbane

  4. TV. Chanel 1 (Telethon)

  5. TV. Chanel 3 N.Z. (Telethon)

  6. Performed Showcase Tamworth

  7. Performed to; international Ice Skaters, Torvill & Dean.

  8. Performed expensively though out Queensland and N.S.W Australia 

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